How Important Is It to Do an Internship Before A Real Job?

In an increasingly competitive professional world, international academic experiences are considered a significant added value when creating your curriculum summary and applying for the job you want. Internships or professional practices, besides being an indispensable academic requirement during the development of your studies or at the end of the academic stage, are the first contact with the working world, where you apply the knowledge acquired in the university in real situations. It is also the place where you learn how to develop yourself in future professional relationships.

The subject of an internship is not included in all academic curricula, and there are careers where students do not need to do them. In other cases, it is optional, either because the student decides that doing it or not will not affect his/her academic plan or because he/she can choose it as a degree project, i.e., instead of doing a thesis or an R & D project (Research or Development), the student chooses to do an internship in a company.


Although choosing to do an internship requires effort and dedication, the experience is valuable for the future. Most apprentices receive attractive job offers from the same companies in which they did internships and those that do not, obtain experience that they can showcase in their CVs and open doors for themselves to great work opportunities.


New Research in The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom recently conducted a study on the relations that the universities of this country maintain with the business sector to develop internships that guarantee that the abilities of graduates and their employability respond to the changing needs of companies.

The report makes a series of interesting suggestions, among which is the opportunity that each university student should have to undertake an internship of between 10 to 12 weeks during summer vacations as part of their academic experience. Another important suggestion is the support from government agencies for companies that offer paid internships through tax credits or subsidies besides directing funds from universities to help low-income students who undertake unpaid internships. Through the recommendations compiled in this research, it is expected that the students in the UK will be able to overcome fundamental obstacles such as a lack of work experience so that future professionals can get a job and thus, boost the economy of this European power.

As is evident, a superpower nation such as the United Kingdom investing its resources in internships for academic students shows clearly how important they are for people to land their dream jobs. Let us check out the myriad benefits of doing an internship before a real job!


Benefits of Internships

Internships are definitely a valuable experience for students for a variety of reasons. They are:

  1. You will learn much more about your profession because you will come into direct contact with experienced people, real-life cases and their applicability.
  2. It will help you in strengthening your oral and written skills by interacting and practicing in an environment of professionals.
  3. You will discover what it means to work in a business environment, and you will learn how to adapt to the rules of corporate coexistence depending on your career.
  4. You will gain a greater awareness of your attributes, qualities, abilities and personal values.
  5. You will face real problems that will turn you into a more competent professional and will give you insights for when you enter the professional world formally.
  6. You will be able to apply the theories learned in classes in real work situations, and you will feel like you have learned much more during the internship period than you did in the university.
  7. You can identify yourself with your true interests and begin to understand your area of ​​expertise.
  8. You will improve your resume with new experiences and will have a more attractive profile for top-notch companies and recruiters.
  9. You will understand the importance of hard and soft skills to stand out in the labor market.
  10. You will make contacts that will enable future employment, and this point is essential because if you excel in this experience, even months or years later, you will be able to receive calls from these people to hire you.

It is important to know that companies look for a variety of characteristics in a potential employee in regard to both professional and personal qualities. It is recommended that during your internship year, you should:

  • Take initiative
  • Work hard
  • Be humble
  • Treat everyone equally
  • Be an observer
  • Adapt easily
  • Never feel inferior
  • Ask questions
  • Teamwork
  • Accept advice

Tips to Be the Selected Candidate

  • Prepare Your Resume

The first thing you should do when looking for a job at any level is to have a good curriculum vitae. As you are still a student and have little experience, it is advisable to emphasize your academic background, your strengths, and abilities. Exaggerate when you mention your qualities and do not forget to include your areas of interest.

  • Interact on Social Networks

In the globalized and digitalized world that we live in today, you must lose the fear of using social networks to advertise your skills. Prepare a post in which you indicate the area you would like to do your internship in and ask your contacts to let you know if there is an opportunity of your interest. LinkedIn is a network par excellence for this type of search.

  • Consult Alliances with Your Institution

Many universities have agreements and alliances with companies from different sectors, which allocate a certain quota for internships. Ask for the list from your institution and take advantage of these opportunities.

  • Explore the Web

Some companies also include offers of internships and jobs on their own websites, so visit the ones that meet your preference and shortlist a few. You can also check websites dedicated to promoting job offers as they usually have sections devoted to internships.

Internships in Bangladesh

With these tips, you can easily find the most lucrative internship for your professional career. You can also try our free online platform Internhunt that connects students fresh out of university with employers to get the best internships. Internhunt is a Bangladeshi company that offers a range of internships according to the industry and works in 3 easy steps to ensure you get the perfect internship designed only for you.

Rest assured, the importance of an internship before you land your dream job cannot be stressed enough. So, when are you doing yours?

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